A Message from Co-Founder Rachel Simmons

Rachel SimmonsThe Girls Leadership Institute began as a labor of love – a reaction to the weak handshakes of girls I met while researching Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls. Ten years later, GLI is about much more than a firm handshake. It’s a place where girls can discover and embrace the best parts of their authentic selves.

A connected girl is a happy girl. Strong relationships embolden girls to feel motivated, successful and inspired. When girls know how to manage conflict, we reduce the incidence of bullying and aggression.

My books, workshops and curriculum give girls the tools to thrive in their most important relationships. This kind of success is a two-part equation. It’s about knowing yourself: how you feel, what you think and what you need. It’s also the ability to act on who you are in your relationships.

Relationships are a girl’s most important classroom, the place where she learns the crucial life skills to express her needs, accommodate others, and take risks, to name just a few. What girls learn in their social connections forms the foundation for their success in all areas of their lives: school, sports and extracurricular activities.

The Girls Leadership Institute provides cutting edge relationship coaching for girls. It’s my proudest accomplishment. If you want to see what I’ve learned in ten years of empowering girls, read my latest book, The Curse of the Good Girl: Raising Authentic Girls with Courage and Confidence. It’s GLI in a book!

If you have a girl in your life, get to know our programs. There’s no greater gift you can give a girl than the permission to be herself.

To bring Rachel to your community or school, please contact the American Programs Bureau. http://www.apbspeakers.com/speaker/rachel-simmons

Please visit rachelsimmons.com to read her blog, see her videos and check out when she is speaking near you!

Rachel's TEDx Talk

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