A Lesson From GLI: You're Not Alone

By Melissa Mark on Fri, 06/27/2014 - 13:13

Melissa reflects upon the tendency to hide behind a "mask" and how she learned to be more open with the help of GLI.

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Summer: A Season of Empowerment

By Sophia Barnhart on Wed, 06/25/2014 - 12:22

Sophia explores the body image nightmares that haunt girls during swimsuit season.

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Book Notes: Cinderella Ate My Daughter

By Shannon Rigney Keane on Thu, 05/12/2011 - 10:26

'Cinderella Ate My Daughter' Book CoverShannon discusses Peggy Orenstein's book Cinderella Ate My Daughter, and tries to put her own princess problems in perspective.

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Girls Watch Movies: A League of Their Own

By Jess Rigel on Mon, 03/21/2011 - 10:39

'League of Their Own' Coach and Player StillJess takes a critical look at a classic movie.

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The Leading Lady: No Feelings Allowed

By Shannon Rigney Keane on Mon, 02/28/2011 - 13:13

Actress Michelle Williams

Shannon examines this year's Best Actress nominees, and finds that they all play characters that suppress their feelings, no matter the costs.

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Girls Watch Movies: Harold and Maude

By Jess Rigel on Mon, 02/14/2011 - 13:40

'Harold and Maude' Movie StillJess writes about a sweet, quirky flick, just in time for your Valentine's Day viewing.

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Love the Girls

By Shannon Rigney Keane on Fri, 12/17/2010 - 16:08

This essay was written by our very own Maryellen Vanderdeen. Maryellen is 13 years old, and she attended GLI Summer Camp last summer. We are proud of Maryellen for articulating her strong opinions, and for sharing them with all of us! Go, Maryellen!

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The Princess Years

By Shannon Rigney Keane on Sat, 10/16/2010 - 23:18

Girl in Mother's Shoes Resigned to the princess phase, Shannon attempts the near-impossible: The princesses must not take over.

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On Being Real

By Jahleese Ladson on Tue, 08/03/2010 - 13:43

Real Girl CamperJahleese finds that being real often means rejecting others' expectations of you, no matter what those expectations are.

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Join Team Kristen, Let Your Own Freak Flag Fly

By Shannon Rigney Keane on Thu, 07/29/2010 - 12:31

Kristin StewartLadies, let's ditch the dudes. Consider being on Team Kristen Stewart, instead.

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