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Rumors. The silent treatment. Cyberbullying. Rachel Simmons’ bestselling book, Odd Girl Out, shined a light on girls’ aggression for the first time. Now, Rachel brings the book to life in an educational film about the hidden culture of aggression in girls. With effective strategies and her trademark sense of humor, Rachel teaches girls, parents, and teachers how to recognize aggression, deal with conflict, and stay safe online.

 For years, teachers, counselors and administrators have been asking for a resource to help them respond to and prevent girl bullying. We have created a 20-minute DVD designed to help stimulate discussion in the classroom or at home. This DVD is now for sale exclusively through the Girls Leadership Institute. 

 A discussion guide is provided for the DVD with purchase. This guide will prepare all teachers, regardless of background, to have a productive and meaningful discussion about relational aggression. Teachers who piloted this DVD in grades 5-9 told us that students were engaged by the presentation and eager to participate in the post-viewing discussion.

Price: $30
Duration: 20 minutes

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View an excerpt of the discussion guide.


"I absolutely love this DVD. There is nothing available to counselors and teachers that even remotely comes close to offering what the Odd Girl Out DVD offers. The message in the DVD most definitely resonated with the girls. It is packed from start to finish, with information. There was not one girl in any of the groups who could not relate to what they heard and saw. This has been an excellent experience for all of us."
 -- Kim Kaminski, Guidance Counselor, Ramtown School & Greenville School, NJ

 "The video was WONDERFUL in quickly and clearly showing what bullying is in the world of girls and how to avoid it.  Each time we watched it, the girls were completely silent and our discussions around communication and being aware of how people's feelings can become hurt when you least expect it were rich. Very worthwhile video. Useful and productive."
-- Keturah Kendrick, The Young Women’s Leadership School, NY


Who is the DVD for?
We designed the DVD and piloted it for girls in grades 6-12. It has also been used successfully with fourth and fifth grade girls.  We hear rave reviews from classroom teachers, advisors, school counselors, after-school leaders and community groups.

How long should I allot to view this?
This DVD usually stimulates a lively discussion. Viewing takes 20 minutes. We recommend allowing 40-70 minutes for discussion afterwards. If you don’t have that long, the discussion guide gives you time-coded recommendations for where to pause the movie so that you can go at your own pace.

Can I show this in a co-ed classroom?
Of course! Reactions and discussion may vary when there are boys in the room. We recommend taking time to adjust the questions from our discussion guide to meet the needs of the whole group. 

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