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Al Gomez

Mr. Al Gomez is the founder of Dlinkers SEO company and an seo expert that delivers affordable seo service to those who want to hire seo. As an expert in this field and to prove his adaptability to innovative world of seo, de continue to search the web and does experiments to find additional effective seo strategies to reach his goal of helping small and large businesses gain presence in the web. His four years of being an online marketer and seo consultant, his works are commendable for he had attained success in the site he had worked with. As a matter of fact, he had even revived websites which had been penalized by Google. However, Mr. Gomez does not only limit himself from searching and reading but he only shares whatever he had found out in the web.

In fact, he maintains a blog that contains valuable information on seo to help business entities especially those who hire seo services to be aware of seo trends. Recently, he posted about safety in paying for ads than paying for links. As a company that outsource seo, Al is glad to know that Google is doing its best to fight violations committed in seo such as buying of links and promote quality search results. This issue had brought changes wherein websites are becoming more efficient providing fresh and quality content for users. Thus, Al and his company works to balance both the interests of their clients and of the users which is ranking high on search engine result and getting the quality information respectively.

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