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The Girls Leadership Institute teaches girls the skills to live life boldly. We empower girls to know who they are, what they believe, and how to express it. These skills allow girls to engage more authentically with others and create change in their world.

About GLI

Since 1999, the Girls Leadership Institute (GLI) has awakened thousands of girls to a life of authentic leadership. Co-founded by bestselling author and girl-expert Rachel Simmons, we are a national nonprofit organization providing transformational programs for girls, their parents, and their educational communities. Taught by credentialed instructors, GLI’s programs are age-appropriate and progressive, addressing girls’ developmental needs from kindergarten through high school.

At GLI, we teach girls to identify healthy relationships, communicate effectively, and develop a resilient response to conflict, challenges, and mistakes. As recognized in the New York Times and on NBC’s Today show, GLI is the only girls’ organization that places social and emotional intelligence at the core of its programming. Based in the San Francisco Bay area, we run programs across the country.

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Parent-Daughter Workshops

Girls Leadership Institute's Real Parents, Real Daughters Workshop series allows parents and daughters to laugh and learn about themselves in a safe environment. We encourage girls and parents to have fun together while learning about friendships, feelings, apologies and healthy approaches to conflict. Families learn techniques and establish healthy practices that will serve the girls well in elementary school and beyond.

These workshops are for girls and their parents in grades K-8 and are presented as weekly workshops and weekend workshops,

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Day Camp

Girls Leadership Institute Day Camp is an extraordinary opportunity for girls who will be entering grades five and six. In just five short days girls build a community where they can celebrate their authentic selves. We give girls the space to be total silly and play while also arming them with authentic confidence and the tools to build healthy and rewarding friendships. Girls deepen their emotional intelligence, learn about healthy relationships, and practice methods for direct communication and conflict resolution.

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GLI Summer Camp

GLI summer camp. This is the place where you can be real. At GLI, you live in a dorm with roommates and spend your days in fun self-discovery workshops, playing wild theatre games, sharing stories in small groups, making films, playing sports, and enjoying evening activities like extreme scavenger hunt or mask making. Every three days, there’s a field trip to a high ropes course, lakeside, or arts event. Girls come away from GLI with the confidence to be themselves and build lasting friendships. GLI helps you gain skills to face the challenges life throws your way.

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